Cold Brew Filter

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Make Cold Brew at home! These organic cotton reusable filters are designed with taste, reusability and the environment in mind. They outperform any single-use or paper filters, allows the oils and natural aromas to be released into your finished brew. 

How to use: Simply add ground beans of your choice into the filter, tie the filter up with the fastening, and add water into your bottle or container. Ideal brew time is 24 hours in the fridge. Enjoy! Made to easily fit any container of your choice. 

Made of Certified Organic Cotton and in the USA. Brand: CoffeeSock

Sizes: Small (fits 1 Litre Bottle), Large (fits 2 Litre Bottle) 

Add House Blend Coffee: You may choose to add our House Blend Beans (grounded for Cold Brew) to your order. Small: 70g coffee; Large: 140g coffee

Easy cleanup: Empty coffee grounds, rinse and hang dry. Use hot water to soak the filter once a month.