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Sustainable Coffee & Laundry

How we keep things clean.

Our Coffee
We use only Rainforest Alliance Certified or Direct Trade Coffee Beans. Oat Milk is our default milk option (and comes for free!) and our exclusive House Blend has been specially formulated to ensure they're a perfect match! (PS - we think our Oat Milk Latte is the best in town). We've chosen Astoria Storm as our espresso machine for its energy efficiency and its recyclability (80% of the machine can be recycled!). A HKD 2 'takeaway tax' is charged on all takeaway orders, BYOC if you can. If not, don't worry, all our packaging are either 100% recyclable or compostable :)

Our Laundry
Cold water washes only in store means saving up to 90% of energy consumption! Plus, all washing cycles will have natural, toxic free detergent automatically dispensed so we can prevent over-consumption and reduce water pollution. Cora Balls, an in-drum microfibre and microplastic filter are also available for rent with every wash! Our commercial grade machines have extra large drums so you can wash fewer times every week. Have your own laundry machines at home? We also have a variety of products for you to make laundry more sustainable and fun. Check out our online store now!

Come Clean

100 Queen's Road West,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Coffee | Mon - Sun, 8am - 5pm
Laundry | Mon - Sun, 24 hours


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